How does this ‘Titan Gel’ work?

Vanity sure is one of the biggest concerns in today’s modern lifestyle.

The need to look good, to either others or ourselves, is a force that drives us to do the (sometimes) unthinkable. From buying new, fancier clothes, to hair and makeup, and even plastic surgery to enhance or get rid of a part of our bodies we are not quite happy with.

Nowadays is easier to point our fingers to women when looking for a vanity icon per se, since there are much that can be done to add to their natural beauty or to perhaps sometimes make something more discreet and imperceptible.

Makeup has been a hallmark for ages and women are the ones that use it the most, still. On the other end of the spectrum, we have solutions like breast implants, for example.

Probably one of the most common plastic surgeries performed in women, it has a role to play for vanity purposes, but also can work to boost a woman’s confidence and self-esteem, without mentioning the its capabilities as a corrective procedure as well.

Men can also benefit from implants, although not nearly as commonly. It is mainly used for beauty purposes, to ‘inflate’ an area of the body that one might find hard to get lean muscle gain in, for example.

But the fact is that the parallel of breast implants for men would most definitely be a solution towards penis enlargement.

There is a slew of products on the market – and most probably on many spam folders around the world – that claim to do this feat.

As it is not as simple – ‘simple’ might be a severe underestimation, but you get the idea – as a breast implant procedure, due to the male organ’s structure and how it actually functions, there hasn’t been to this day any notorious product and/or procedure that could do it flawlessly.

There are indeed many substances out in the wild that can improve many aspects of the male sexual organ, including sexual performance – which in and of itself could very much improve the subject’s confidence and self-esteem.

One product that claims it can do just that is called ‘Titan Gel’.

male sexual organ, and sexual performance

The product claims it works as follows:

  • It helps increase the penis size
  • Helps satisfy the user’s partner sexually
  • Increases blood circulation in the genital area, making the user’s erection last longer
  • Reduces the odds of premature ejaculation
  • Increases the user’s libido

Plus, the Titan Gel is made with natural ingredients – some of which have a history of helping out with said issues above, although there is no record on the official website of the precise quantities of each one of the products ingredients.

The product also claims that due to the increased blood flow in the genital area, more nutrients would become available and it would then stimulate the cells to promote growth, therefore increasing the penis’ size.

But since the penis is not composed of an ordinary muscle, it doesn’t work quite like that – there is more at play in such growth, as in hormones, otherwise a healthy diet and exercises would already yield results. Just know that your hormones will be beneficed with a healthy diet

As with all supplements and health products, the best practice is to always speak with a trusted medic to make sure that the product would give you the results you are looking for and to avoid any unnecessary risks to your own health and well-being.

And if you are looking to get a better performance in bed, exercising will help your body produce more hormones that will certainly help you perform well in that area.

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