How to sleep better on a plane: Enjoy your flight

If you have previously traveled by plane, then you must know that finding the right position while seated next to other people can be a bit challenging. If you are high, then you probably have experienced a sleeping problem, since your legs were in just one position. If you have found yourself until now, then stay with us while we tell you how to sleep better on a plane.


How to sleep better on a plane –Rule No.1

If you want to know how to sleep better on a plane, then this is the answer – Fly business class, or better, fly first class.

Regrettably, airlines recognize the high premium travelers put on having the ability to sleep in comfort while they are taking a trip. They have actually turned the lie-flat superior seat into practically an art form, however, they likewise charge premium fares for this advantage.

Even if you cannot take a trip in a premium class, you might have the ability to pay a little bit more for a seat with additional leg room. A lot of airlines use this option when booking.

How to sleep better on a plane – Tips

If you do not want to pay for a business class and will have a regular seat, then here are these few tips that will help you find out how to sleep better on a plane:

⦁ Take a pillow with you – In some planes, you will have the chance to use the small “table” in front of you for sleeping. However, after a short period, your hands will get numb and you will need to find other solution. That is where a C-shaped pillow, or in fact specially designed pillows for flights can assist you.

⦁ Avoid drinking alcohol and eating heavy meals – If you want a calm flight then do not drink too much because you might get sick. Instead, try some warm tea or soup.

⦁ Sleeping pill – If you have a long flight and want to know how to sleep better on a plane, then probably it is good to take a pill. Just make sure that these tablets are short acting, otherwise, you might get disoriented and drowsy.

⦁ Choose a window seat – I always enjoy being near the window. That way, I can always look down and in case I get sleepy, I can easily lean against and rest. Usually, I take a pillow with me, so I sleep without any problem. The only problem for me during a flight is the baby cry.

⦁ Always take warm clothes with you – It is frustrating when you want to sleep and the plane is cold. Our body lowers the temperature while we sleep, so if you are not dressed properly and you fall asleep, you might be risking having a cold.

⦁ If there are more free spaces available, use them. It is most likely that the cabin crew will come and check if your seatbelt is on, but in case there are free seats and you want to rest, you can try asking the crew to allow you use the extra space.

Tips for better flight

Now that you know how to sleep better on a plane, it would be also useful to learn a few more tips on how to be comfortable during a flight.

Try to find a seat in the back

From personal experience, mothers with kids, or also first time flying individuals would want to seat in front. So, this means you will be comfortable at the back of the plane.

Listen to music if you can’t sleep from the noise

If you are a music sleeper, then you should choose some light music that will help you relax and avoid the noise. This can help even when you are afraid of flying.

These are the few ways how to sleep better on a plane and also feel comfortable during a flight. Have a good trip!

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