How to be comfortable on a flight: Handy Tips

When you are traveling around the world, working some place and going on vacations somewhere else, you will likely find yourself on a plane once or few times. While the thought of being in other country or continent in just a couple of hours seems a great idea, planes are not always the best and comfortable option, specifically on long flights.

Today we reveal you a few tips and we hope you have a comfy flight.

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How to be comfortable while flying

The first step should be: Never take too much clothes. It varies of the airline you choose, but some companies do not allow more than 2 bags. It is always better to go with one and pack less. That way, you can enjoy the extra space between your legs. The second rule of “How to be comfortable while flying” is: Take warm clothes just in case you get cold.

Sometimes if you fall asleep, you might find yourself shaking, and this is due to your lower temperature. Always have one pair of socks and a jacket with you, this way you will always be prepared.

How do you sleep on a plane?

Every passenger will fall asleep at some point, especially if your flight is late or you haven’t slept the previous night. There are a few ways of how to be comfortable while flying and it includes wearing an eye mask.

Sometimes eye masks can help you get rid of the light and also, if there is another passenger next to you and you are not in the mood for conversation, this will be the way to say “do not disturb”.

Shut out the noise

Nothing can be more annoying than people yelling in the plane or making the party of their lives. Also, a lot of parents do not know when it is not okay for their kid to behave and yell loudly, so in this case, if you want to know how to be comfortable while flying all you need are noise-cancelling earplugs. This way, the ambient sounds will be reduced, but you will still be able to talk to the person next to you.

Roll up a scarf

If is always nice to have something soft with you. You can use the scarf to cover your legs in case you are cold, or to use it as a pillow if you are right next to the window.

For greater comfort

If you want to know how to be comfortable while flying, then you should also follow these few tips:

Drink plenty of water so you stay hydrated – It is important that during the flight you drink plenty of water so you don’t dehydrate. You can buy a bottle from the aircraft service or you can simply buy it at the airport. Remember never use the water from the bathrooms because it might contain heavy bacteria.

Use eye drops or nose drops – The air is different once you are up, so if you want to know how to be comfortable while flying, you can use nose drops, in case your nose gets dry or eye drops. Apply in the bathroom and do not forget to wash your hands.

Know how to behave, nobody wants people next to them who are noisy, demanding or too chatty. The answer to the question “How to be comfortable while flying” also depends of you. If everyone respects these few rules, we would all have a nice flight.

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